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Here you will find some links to other sites. These sites deal with education in Eastern Europe. They will be updated as soon as I can find anything new and worthy.
So, let's get started.

First, look up at |Unibel server|. This is a sever for all stuff about Belarus, including Universities, which are situated not only in Minsk, but also in other cities of Belarus. It's in English, thank God.
Then you may move to Poland and see what is happening there. |At this site| you will find a Polish student's server who study Computer Science.
Next is a |complete list| of all Universities in Eastern Europe. I found this site interesting, but not very convenient. However, you may try.
Another site, which impressed me a lot was |Web66| . Very simple. Here you can compare Belarussian educational programs with those of other Eastern European countries. Very good for a comparison. Looky there.
Another really useful site is ||. Highly recommended! Lots of stuff starting from tests and ending with loans, chat and free stuff as well!
Did you think I would forget our Russian neighbors? No way. Try to search yourself, first, because this is not the only one. It's in Russian, but they promise an English version soon. We'll see. Anyway, go there just for fun if you like. |It's about physics|.
|Education Course Advisory Service Worldwide|: Independent service assists students find suitable university courses across the UK and internationally.
Another very |useful site| is Degree Programs Available Through Distance Education. Here you will find a listing of some US distance degree programs, and some hints on how to make sure the institution you are interested in is legitimate by checking an appropriate regional accrediting institution.
Get a FREE Tshirt when you purchase one of their very fine albeit phoney college diplomas from our mythical university in an idylic land. |Sounds interesting?|

Here comes the banner to Mr.Ted's Page. The banner tells everything itself. Education everywhere in the world. Worth to look at.

|| lists links to over 2200 colleges, universities, tradeschools and much more, all listed by category, state and alphabet. This is only about USA now, but they promise to add an international listing soon.