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My name is Alexey Lysenkov. I graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University. My job is to teach children and to spend my time poring over books about methodology and pedagogy. That's why when my mom asked me why I was spending all my time on this website, I couldn't find a really persuasive answer.
It's my first webpage, and was written in HTML from the very beginning (year 1999*). Here come a lot of thanks to:
those who invented the Web (someone...)
those who invented HTML (Tim Berners-Lee)
those who give free and easy-going lessons on it
those who have space on their servers to give it to others (
and all others who supported me, provided me with information, different stuff, and advice. Thank you, guys! If you have any desire (after reading this page) to write me and express your "fooo" (grievances), you are |welcome|. I'll try to answer everyone who drops me a line.

*the actual version 2.0 - year 2000