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Here I decided to present some of the major Universities of Belarus. Included are:
|Belarussian State University.|
The biggest educational instituion in the Republic. It has departments almost on everything you can imagine. Its most famous departments are: physics mathematics history philosophy psychology economics You can find some more information about this school on its special page.
|Belarussian Polytechnic Academy.|
As you can easily derive from the name of this institution, it deals with different technical spheres such as: automobiles & tractors, machine-building, mechanical techs, etc. A huge University with 17 buildings all over Minsk and the biggest enrollment with over 25,000 students every year!
|Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.|
Sounds great, hm?
I think this was the first University to create a web page of its own. Guys here study electronics, computers and stuff like that.
Next goes |Minsk State Linguistic University.|
This institution is to be blamed for all of my mistakes in my efforts to speak English. It actually specializes in bringing into this world some teachers and a few interpreters.
The next is |Belarussian University of Culture. | Here you can study Library Studies, Choreography, Direction, Conducting, and much more. Interested?
And last, but absolutely not least, |Belarussian State Academy of Music.| Formerly k.a. Minsk Conservatory. This one has really highly qualified teachers who will teach you (and let me underline this) to play in the so-called Russian style. What the Russian style is and what its features are, I am unable to say, but what I can add about it, is on its page.
This is not a complete listing of Universities, Academies, Institutes, and everything. This site, let me hope, has a future, so, it will be updated as soon as I have time (sorry guys) and more information. ALL Universities have not only undergraduate programs, but postgraduate programs for your Master's degree and/or Doctorate. What I may add to this, is that the housing is NOT included (except for some Universities where I wrote about it) and neither are insurance and food. But all Universities must provide you with a student ID, which gives you a 50% discount on public transportation and some other discounts. Most Universities offer a "preliminary" year, which will allow you to study the Russian language and other subjects which relate to your field in preparation for your first regular academic year. This preliminary year lasts the same length of time as a regular academic year (September-June). Also, mind that all payments to a University should be made in USdollars to their bank accounts (no credit cards, checks or anything!). All figures are subject to change, so don't be surprised if your tuition changes.