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Polytechnics. Good choice, though I have never thought of entering a University of this kind myself. As I mentioned before, this Academy enrolls more than 25,000 students every year. Last year there were more than 400 foreign students. It may not seem like much, but it's a good figure for an institution in Belarus because not many people know about this country at all.
The students are trained in 10 colleges:
Automobiles and Tractors
Mechanical Technologies
Power and Civil Engineering
Robots and Robotic Systems
Highway Engineering
Management and Entrepreneurship

As the brochure of this Academy reads, foreign citizens should begin studying at the preparatory course, where Russian, Maths, Physics, and other technical subjects are taught. At the end of this course, if they pass exams successfully, students receive certificates, which give them the right to continue their studies in one of the above colleges.
This is true not only for the Academy, but also for the other Universities. Your first year will be dedicated almost exclusively to the Russian language. However, the cost of this year is lower than a regular acdemic year.
Concerning this Academy: estimated tuition fee is $1200-2000 per year. Registration fee is about $100, housing is $4-16 per month! Everything which is connected with your living here is on the more specific |page|.
Its address is: Belarus, Minsk, 220027, Skaryna Ave., 65. Phone number: +375-17-232 7413. Ask for Mrs. Natalia Ivanovna Shishlo. She speaks English, so feel free to express yourself... If you need a fax number, here it is: +375-17-232 1562.