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Hey! Do you want to be a really cultured person? I don't know what my parents were thinking about when they applied to The St. Petersburg's Institute of Culture (its former name, I don't know that school's current name), but they graduated from there and now teach somewhere cooler--at the Belarussian University of Culture. My God, such educated parents they are! :)
Anyway, this University has only 3 faculties (Cultural Studies; Performing Arts; Library Science), but a whole bunch of other departments, such as Choreography, Music Theory, Art of Choral Singing and Conducting, Wind Instruments, Pop and Light Music, Folk Instruments, and Belarussian Traditional Songs. Then comes Drama, Directing (theater and film), Script Writing, and finally, Library Science. If you are interested in a specific area which may be connected with the listed departments, but you are not sure - |write me|. Since my parents teach there, I can torture them for an answer. The tuition fee for the preliminary year is $900, and includes housing (one room per person). The dormitory is a stone's throw form the University itself. The tuition fee for the regular academic year varies from $900 to $1200, with housing included. You may write to:
Belarus, Minsk, 220001, Rabkorovskaya str., 17 contact phone: +375-17-222 2410 Mr. Alexei Pozdniakov or +375-17-222 8379 Mr. Dmitry Vaza. They both speak English. Good luck!