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What is Belarus? It's a country in Eastern Europe which, about 9 years ago, was a member of the Soviet Republic. Now, it's a sovereign state with a population of about 10 mln. people, and its capital is Minsk. Interesting things happen in Minsk. There are some festivals which are held in other cities, but as it has no connection to the topic of this site, let me skip it. Actually, there is information about Belarus on the Web, so if you are interested in the country itself, follow these links. Here are a few:
  • First, |the official (very official) site|, which has an easy-to-remember name and a lot of information.
  • Next, a weekly review about Belarus, made by Belarussians (no doubt). It's less official, but is still not a fasten-your-seat-belts site. Anyway, its name is |Belarus Now|!
  • A very, |very cool site| for those who have never heard about this country! Everything about Belarus, including some interesting opinions.

  • Not enough? If you want to get some more general information (you're on one of those specific pages...) which has been compiled by non-Belarussians, no problem! A lot of general information in correct English is |available here|.
  • Here is the site of the Belarussian |Ministry of Foreign Affairs.| The site is quite new, and offers a lot of information available in English.
That's about everything on those more or less interesting sites, but I would still recommend you come here and see everything with your own eyes...(hehe). To be serious, it's not only an interesting country (from the point of view of its lifestyle, people, history, etc.) but is also an adventure which you will remember for the rest of your days! I know what I say is true...
Anyway, let's proceed with exploring the possibilities of getting an education here. Go where you haven't been so far; you can see other links about this site here.