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Minsk State Linguistic University can be considered as one of the biggest educational institutions in the Republic. As you can understand from its name, this University deals with languages.
Its faculties are:
English (teachers of English language and literature, and also as a second language).
Here I should make a note. All faculties which have names of languages in their names train teachers of these languages. In addition, a student should choose a second language to study. It's a compulsory discipline - the second language. Anyway, here are the other faculties:
Faculty of Interpreters (depts. of English, French, German and some rare languages such as Japanese, Arabic, etc. every two-three years).
Faculty of Western-European Languages (the same as the former; the only difference is that it was designed for Belarussian students and it's not free. Education for Belarussians in general is free...)

These are all the faculties. Not much. But here, in this University, you will find almost all the satellite "dishes" in Minsk, several computer classes, and a video library (quite huge). Its address is:
Belarus, Minsk, Zaharova str. 31. phone number is +375-17 284 8067. Ask for Mr. Alexei Tuchinski, who deals with foreign students. He will happily discuss with you every possibility of studying here. The tuition fee is $1025 per academic year ($850 for the preliminary year). This includes dormitory, and a 50% discount on public transportation.