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This University, until recently, was what was known as a "closed" University. This meant that until the year 1989, no one, except for Belarussians or Russians, could enter this educational institution. Maybe this is the reason that this University has such a non-translatable name, even in the official English version. I would translate it as "University for Computer Science and Radioelectronics". Guys who are interested should understand what I mean. Starting in 1995 (something a bit strange), they started enrolling foreign students.
It has 6 faculties. They are:
Faculty for Computer-aided Design
Faculty of Information Technologies and Control
Faculty of Radioengineering and Electronics
Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks
Faculty of Telecommunication
Faculty of Economics

Cost of education varies from one faculty to another. For the 1st and 3rd, the fee is $1300/year. For the 2nd and 5th, this sum grows up to $1500/year. For the 4th and 6th, this sum is already $1700/year. The preliminary year (for you to study some Russian and math) costs $900. Its address is:
Belarus, Minsk, 220027, Brovki str, 6. Contact phone number is: +375-17-231 0914. The person you should talk to is Mr. Alexander Shushuikin. He doesn't speak English, however, I saw a German dictionary on his table. He has his |e-mail| address. Try writing something if you are interested. This University has its own |site|, though it is in Russian. Learn some before visiting...